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Company introduction

Jieyang Yurun Machine Co., Ltd.is located in the famous overseas district——Jieyang,GuangDong Province.Owing to the advantages of excellent location and the convenient transportaion,it takes only 30 minutes to the Chaoshan International Airport and 35 minutes to the highway station.Our company majors in producing machines for metallurgical machinery,we have developed 2-hi,4-hi,6-hi HC and 8-hi MKW so far.Our company covers 32000Sqm and we have office buildings which cover about 3000Sqm.We also have production workshops about 16500Sqm.Equipped with large machning centers and special processing machines,our compary is now one of the leading roling manufacturers and we have taken the pioneering place in roling mill manufacture field.
Jieyang Yurun possesses a professional,experienced and high-quality R&D team.There are more than 10technical engineers and 100 processing workers in our company.So far,we have already produced the 2-hi,4-hi,6-hi HC and 8-hi MKW successfully.Our engineers keep learning the latest theories from famous manufacturers and put them into practice.We also provides excellent service for the technical renovation and maintenance of the cold rolled production line.
Followed by the conception of “based on honesty”, “quality promises”, “perfect service”, “customer oriented”, Yurun strives to provide the best quality products and services for the customers from all over the world.We sincerely welcomes friends from all works of life to a visit.

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