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Technical progress and future development of domestic cold rolling mill
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  Over the past 20 years, the rapid development of China's national economy has led to the rapid development of the domestic aluminum processing industry, and also promoted the domestic aluminum plate and foil rolling technology progress. At present, the domestic aluminum plate and foil rolling production enterprises are entering a reforming state, and a large amount of investment is being made to update the technology and equipment. In addition to large and medium-sized enterprises to introduce foreign aluminum rolling aluminum advanced processing equipment, small and medium-sized enterprises to buy aluminum rolling more domestic equipment, thus greatly stimulate and promote the independent design and development of aluminum processing equipment in our country, but also promoted the technological progress of domestic aluminum rolling equipment.
  Production of cold rolling mill for aluminium plate and strip in recent years
  As of the end of 2004, Chinese has a modern four roll and six roll cold rolling mill 108, the production capacity of 2100kt/a, two roller cold rolling mill production capacity of about 300 units, 450kt/a, total cold strip production capacity of 2550kt/a; by the end of 2005, the introduction of mill's production capacity is 1000kt/a, China four roller mill production capacity is 2120kt/a, two roller mill production capacity is 380kt/a, the total production capacity of 3500kt/a cold rolled strip. About 150 sets of four roll aluminum self roll width greater than 800mm cold rolling mill, the 1400mm level reached 65 units, accounting for 43% of the total; in 2006 the national production of cold rolled plate forming machine 26, with production capacity of 725kt/a, is the production capacity of up to one year. In addition, there are 2 cold continuous rolling lines under construction in 2006, four rolls and six rolls of single stand irreversible cold rolling mill, 13 units, with a total production capacity of 1750kt/a.
  China began to carry out the system of digestion and absorption and the localization of the introduction of modern aluminum strip cold rolling mill from 1984, from 1984 to 2006, Luoyang design and Research Institute for nonferrous metals processing for domestic aluminum strip cold mill production on behalf of the unit, leading the domestic development of this stage of the process; from 2002 to the present, to Shanghai Jie such as heavy electrical equipment limited liability company as a representative of the private enterprises to join the aluminum strip cold mill localization process, to further accelerate the domestic aluminum strip cold mill technology.
  At present, China's own design and manufacture of aluminum strip cold rolling mill in low speed, narrow specifications have been close to or reached the international aluminum cold rolling mill proprietary technology level. With the continuous growth and change of market demand, the domestic aluminum strip cold rolling mill is meeting the requirements of market diversification, and gradually developing towards high precision, wide range, high speed, high level and continuous rolling.
  To meet the domestic aluminum production at the same time, China's own design and manufacture of the cold rolling mill began to export in 2002, such as Zhuo God of non-ferrous metal processing equipment Co. Ltd. with 380/960 * 1800mm aluminum cold rolling mill for the first time at the end of 2002, Thailand science and technology company in export; exports to India of a Phi 380/960 * 1750mm four roller reversible cold rolling mill; Shanghai Jieru heavy industry equipment Co., Ltd. this year exports to Russia of a Phi 260/700 * 900mm cold rolling machine.
  Two. The technical characteristics of domestic aluminium plate cold rolling mill
  1., the equipment layout of the unit is compact, the overall function is complete, and the automation of the whole machine is improved.
  The rolling forms of modern aluminium plate cold rolling mill are irreversible rolling, and equipped with automatic roll conveying device. The unit at the end of twentieth Century to twenty-first Century at the beginning of design, and equipped with automatic coil volume measurement and automatic centering device can realize automatic operation, discharge volume, the operating intensity gradually reduced, increasing the rate of finished products, increase competition ability.
  2., rolling speed increased, stand-alone capacity increased.
  A few years ago, the domestic aluminum cold rolling mill, the maximum rolling speed increased from 300m/min to 800m/min, with the automatic control system of plate input, maximum rolling speed increasing, reached 1200m/min, but the material thickness is large, single output is low, stand-alone capacity was increased from 7.5kt/a to 40kt/a now, but with the rolling speed compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap, stand-alone capacity also has a large gap.
  3., the localization of the machine is improved, and the maintenance of the equipment is convenient.
  With the development of domestic equipment industry, domestic supporting ability to further improve the domestic cold-rolled machine mainly depends on the introduction of the previous detection element or the control system is gradually replace the domestic component or system is cheap: such as thickness automatic control system (AGC), automatic deviation control system of strip (EPC), the automatic control system of X ray plate thickness measuring instrument (AFC), etc.. At the same time, due to the improvement of localization, the cost of equipment maintenance is more and more economical and the products are more competitive.
  4. hydraulic and lubrication system is more perfect and standardized.
  The hydraulic system of domestic aluminum strip cold rolling mill is mainly composed of the overall pump station and the dispersed valve arrangement, and the rolling mill control tends to be fully hydraulic. Centering servo hydraulic system, bending roll servo hydraulic control, thickness servo hydraulic control, upper roll unwinding measurement and hydraulic control system are widely used in rolling mill control.
  5., the electric drive system has a relatively large development.
  The uncoiler, coiler and main drive motor control system is widely used in the digital DC drive system, power supply compared to the digital DC drive system and AC drive device, the utility model has the advantages of low cost, simple and reliable control, easy maintenance; AC drive and DC drive device, the utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small amount of maintenance dynamic and excellent control characteristics.
  6. electric control is more perfect.
  No matter the automatic control part or the transmission part, the recent development of the domestic modern rolling mill adopts the three level control system, that is, the 0 level - Automation basis, the 1 level - closed loop control, and the 2 level - process control. A number of CPU central processing units have been assembled. The system is very open, and the users can develop and modify it themselves.
  7. perfect thickness automatic control system.
  The control system includes roll gap control, feed forward control, feed back control, roll bending force compensation and roll eccentricity compensation.
  8. plate shape automatic control system is used more and more widely.
  The application of the home-made plate roll and plate automatic control system will replace the expensive imported plate type control system. At the same time, product quality has improved.
  Three 、 domestic aluminum strip cold rolling mill technical progress
  1., the technological progress of the state-owned enterprises represented by the color technology joint stock company.
  In June 28, 2007, the cold rolling mill of 480/ aluminum foil and foil cold rolling mill was designed and developed in Zhengzhou cold rolling mill of China Aluminum Corporation, which was designed and developed by color science and technology stock company, 560/, 1300 * 2050mm. This is the 2050 digital intelligent six roller wide aluminum with a domestic advanced level of the foil cold rolling mill, hot rolling for pure aluminum and soft Aluminum Alloy 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000, the technological progress is mainly reflected in: aluminum foil cold rolling width 2050mm for domestic initiative; using six roll (work roll, support roll rolling technology, the leading domestic); aluminum foil cold rolling mill rolling speed reaches 1000m/min, the leading domestic; development of intermediate roll moving mechanism and control system, effectively improve the shape of various width rolling strip etc..
  2., Shanghai Czech Republic as the representative of private enterprises for technical progress.
  Shanghai Jieru heavy industry equipment company as an emerging private enterprises in recent years, China aluminum foil rolling industry design and manufacture of another batch of up to the domestic first-class level of equipment, played a good role in production, won the praise of the industry.
  Shanghai Czech Republic, such as heavy industry to absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual needs of the Chinese market, since 2002 to provide customers with high-grade, mid-range and economic cold rolling machine, a total of 14 units. This year has been to Hunan Shengtong Technology Co Ltd provides four and 2 420/1120 in diameter and 1900mm not reversible cold rolling mill, rolling speed can reach 1200m/min, rolling out the finished product of minimum thickness of up to 0.08mm. At present, one is installed, and second units are being installed. The 2 cold rolling mill by the Shanghai Jieru heavy general contracting, in cooperation with the Italy Khalifa Hunter manufacturing company, drawings, key mechanical and electrical equipment provided by the company and the quality of work, making domestic equipment for monitoring, in order to make the overall level has reached the international advanced rank mill. Shanghai Jie such as the Sino foreign cooperation in heavy manufacturing mode, greatly improving the domestic large modern aluminum strip cold mill design and manufacture, debugging level, so as to improve the development level of domestic aluminum foil cold rolling mill on the whole.
  Four. The future development of domestic aluminium strip cold rolling mill
  With the rapid development of China's aluminum foil rolling industry, aluminum foil rolling equipment has undergone a independent development -- Introduction -- Learning -- cycle process of localization, although the level of domestic cold rolling mill technology at present China aluminum foil rolling has been improved, but in large equipment R & D, design and there is a large gap between the manufacturing, need to constantly self innovation. At present, modern aluminum strip cold rolling mill has done a lot of research and development work around the perfect control system and work roll crown, towards a large, wide, high speed and high automation direction. Developed countries, some cold rolling mill rolling strip width has reached 3500mm, minimum export thickness of 0.05mm, rolling speed of 40m/s, maximum volume of 30t, strip thickness tolerance of not more than 1% ~1.5%, flatness is not greater than 10I. High speed, high quality, high configuration, high performance process control system and high automation are the characteristics of modern rolling mill control system. In the next period of time, the world cold rolling mill development will not have significant "invention and creation", but there will be many small progress.
  The future development of domestic aluminum strip cold rolling mill should learn and draw lessons from the comprehensive problems in the design of foreign mill, the execution of the processing module and the description of the rolling process inside and around the mill.
  Five, the domestic aluminum strip rolling equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future direction of development
  In the design, the modernization of the world aluminum foil rolling equipment research and production development trend of installation, if our country should further improve the overall level of production technology of domestic aluminum foil rolling mill, rolling equipment, aluminum strip domestic production enterprises should adapt to the trend of development in the world, the establishment of a modern aluminum rolling equipment development, design, manufacturing, production and maintenance the different areas of the system, the concept of independence organically, produce more modern rolling mill.
  1. pay attention to the integration design and service of aluminum plate cold rolling mill. The integration design of the rolling mill is very important. All components of the mechanical, hydraulic and automatic systems must be effectively adjusted, and the selection of sensors and the positioning of the measuring device need to be considered.
  At present, the color Polytron Technologies Inc, Shanghai, such as the Czech Republic, such as heavy industries have established their own large-scale assembly plant. Such as Shanghai, Pudong, Shanghai, such as heavy assembly plant, has 5000m2 scale, complete facilities, and can simultaneously assemble 2000t weight products. It lays a foundation for speeding up the installation speed and meeting the integration design and service.
  2., focus on large-scale, specialized production, and consciously become a system provider.
  The market requirement of the future aluminum with more stringent product quality, put forward higher requirements on the flexible production equipment at the same time, as the development of Party aluminum strip cold rolling mill, through mechanical engineering, hydraulic system, electrical engineering and automation systems in all areas with efforts to improve the process, the function of the system, the same users in close cooperation to form cooperation system, promote the sustainable development of both sides.
  3. pay attention to the safety and reliability of aluminum strip cold rolling mill.
  The design of factory equipment with high standard in terms of safety requirements, mechanical and electrical design and construction safety; safety requirements and the protection measures of the best balanced optimization; requirements to achieve safe operation through close collaboration with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical automation; requirements for equipment and reliable production process requirements in safe operation, maintenance and service stage the operation is safe and comfortable.
  4., improve the utilization ratio of aluminum plate cold rolling mill, reduce energy consumption, and improve the process automation system, so as to improve the utilization ratio of aluminum plate cold rolling mill, reduce energy consumption, optimize the operation mode and obtain high quality products.

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