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Lubrication and lubrication device for steel rolling equipment
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  Lubrication of steel rolling equipment:
  (1) the rolling mill process of lubricating and cooling medium: commonly used in the rolling process, in order to reduce the friction between the roll and rolling material, reduce rolling force and power consumption, the rolling material is easy to extend, rolling temperature, rolling to improve product quality, must join the process of lubricating and cooling medium in the rolling and rolling contact surface.
  (2): the main rolling mill equipment including rolling machine frame, universal shaft and gear balancing device, frame, main shaft coupling, coupling, motor and motor and the coiling machine, unwinding machine etc..
  The rolling mill lubrication cooling medium basic requirements are: appropriate oil; good cooling ability; good oxidation stability, rust resistance and physicochemical stability; good filtering performance; have good cleaning effect on the surface of rolling and annealing on the properties of products; cold rolled strip; no harm to human health easy to get; oil source, low cost. There are a wide variety of process, lubrication and cooling medium for rolling mills. Different rolling materials require different media. Here are simply as follows: rolling aluminum strip, aluminum foil material, adding kerosene with additives as cooling and lubricating medium. WISCO's 1700 cold rolling mill and rolling emulsion in summer, 45-50 degrees, winter 50-55 degrees, and the emulsion mass fraction of 1.2-4.5%, the highest mass fraction of 7%, commonly used for more than 30%. The concentration of the rolling strip is higher, and the thickness of the rolling thick zone is lower. The emulsified oil is examined every 8 hours, the pH value, the mass fraction, the iron soap index, and the comprehensive analysis once a week.
  Lubricants often used in rolling mills:
  Mills live transmission gear and pressing device, cutting machine, rolling bed push: oil, medium and heavy duty industrial gear oil; rolling mill oil film bearing oil film bearing oil; dry rolling bearing lubrication system, oil: No. 1, No. 2 lithium grease or grease; heavy machinery, rolling mill, No.: 3 No. 4, No. 5 lithium grease or grease; dry oil lubrication system, rolling mill roller track: calender grease (No. 1 and No. 2 in winter for summer) or extreme pressure lithium grease, and heavy load industrial gear oil; dry oil lubrication system, gear box, coupling 1700 mill: lead calcium complex grease in heavy load Industrial gear oil.
  Selection of lubrication form for typical parts of rolling mill:
  The rolling mill work roll roll gap and the cooling system with circulating oil (including cooling lubrication system); rolling mill work roll and supporting roll bearing with grease lubrication, oil film bearing and high speed oil mist lubrication; rolling mill gear box, bearing, motor, electric pressure in the device reducer, using circulating oil; rolling mill roller track, coupling, universal coupling and balance mechanism, mill window plane oriented friction by dry oil lubrication.
  Lubrication device for rolling mill:
  Heavy machinery (including rolling mills and auxiliary machinery and equipment) commonly used lubrication devices are dry oil, thin oil, oil mist lubrication device; domestic lubrication machinery and equipment have been basically set up to provide. Here is one of the main lubricating devices, as its name, performance: heavy machinery standard oil lubricating device (JB/ZQ4586-86) of this standard applies to the metallurgical, mining, heavy machinery and other equipment thin oil lubricating device of oil circulation lubrication system, medium viscosity grade of industrial lubricating oil N22 - N460. The circulating cooling device adopts a tubular cooler. Nominal pressure oil lubricating device for 0.63MPa; filtering precision low viscosity 0.08mm; high viscosity 0.12mm; the cooling water temperature is less than or equal to 30 DEG C industrial water; cooling water pressure is less than 0.4MPa; into the oil cooler temperature is 50 degrees centigrade, greater than or equal to 8 DEG C temperature drop of lubricating oil; steam pressure 0.2-0.4MPa. The pressure range of the main lubricating elements above is 10MPa, 20MPa and 40MPa. Among them, 20MPa and 40MPa are products imported from abroad, which are produced by Taiyuan lubricating equipment factory and Shanghai lubricating equipment factory. Other products, in addition to the two, there are Shenyang lubrication equipment factory and Xi'an lubrication equipment factory production. Lean oil systems and components are produced in four homes.

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