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Method for checking whether the working state of cold rolling mill is stable
DATE:2017-6-14   VISITORS:1116

  What is the inspection method for the working condition of cold rolling mill? This is a lot of customers in the process of cold rolling is very confused problems in the research, in-depth understanding of Jindi metallurgical equipment, our company experts believe that check whether the cold rolling mill can work stably, can adopt three kinds of inspection methods, respectively is: according to the production of the product quality, the roller mill third, listening to the noise size of rolling mill.
  In actual production, the specific method of operation is:
  According to the quality of the products produced by it
  If the mill working state is very stable, so the quality of the production of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars should have been relatively stable, if you find a batch or continuous cold rolled ribbed bar production batches of quality are low, so this shows the problems of cold rolling mill working state, then need to carefully check, maintenance of rolling mill.
  Roll condition of rolling mill
  Long engaged in cold rolling customers know, rolls has a very important role and status for cold rolling, so greatly affects the rolls if there is abrasion, crack, surface smoothness and low phenomenon to the cold rolling mill working state. Therefore, customers want to ensure the working status of cold rolling mill, it is necessary to ensure that its roll is always in a dominant position, the only way to make the rolling mill working state is always stable.
  Listen to the noise of rolling mill and judge the working state of the rolling mill by listening to the sound. If it is found that the rolling mill in cold rolling operation, the noise is very large, so that the machine is in a good working condition, if the noise of the machine is relatively small, so that the machine's working condition is relatively good.

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